Stroke Survivor Stories

Introducing the Life After Stroke Series:

Hear from stroke survivors Diana Wong Ramos, Portugal; Jurg Schwyter, Switzerland; Grethe Lunde, Norway; and Hrvoje Jurlina, Croatia about their experiences of life after stroke.

Alexia Kountouri

Alexia Kountouri had a stroke in May 2015 whilst she was studying for a PhD in the UK. Her right side was paralysed and she had to give up her studies. Alexia is now an Ambassador for stroke in Cyprus.

Diana Wong Ramos

Diana Wong Ramos had a Cerebral Venous Thrombosis stroke when she was 34 years old and working as a journalist-editor for a magazine in Portugal. Watch this extended version of the conversation between Diana and therapist, Ana Carvalheira, from 20 May event.

Caregiver Stories

Listen to Vesna, N Macedonia, Jana, Czech Republic and Nejla, Turkey talk about their experiences of being carers for stroke survivors.

Anders Andersson

Anders Andersson is a stroke survivor and first vice chairman of the Stroke Foundation. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Anders shares his story and experience on getting back to work as a stroke survivor.

Ruth Miller

Ruth is an experienced Careers Advisor Professional. She was National Head of Careers for BPP university, running teams in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds and providing careers support to students and strategic support to the university. In this video, Ruth shares her experience of living with fatigue after stroke.

Grethe Lunde

In this video, Grethe Lunde shares her experience of exercising and staying active after her stroke.